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Our Services


McLean VA Alternative Medicine Services


Chiropractic Care - Including gentle spinal manipulation and diversified techniques and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation.


Acupuncture – Involves penetration of specific anatomic locations on the skin, called acupuncture points, by thin, solid, generally metallic needles.


Functional Medicine/Diet & Nutrition - Takes a wholistic approach to determining the cause of disease as opposed to treating symptoms and singular organ systems.




Peripheral Neuropathy - Looks at the causes of problems with the nerves that carry information to and from the brain and spinal cord, which produce pain, loss of sensation, and an inability to control muscles.


Physical Therapy - Electric stimulation, ultrasound, Cryotherapy, hydropacks, trigger point therapy and massage.


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Nova Center for Alternative Medicine and Pain Relief
1485 Chain Bridge Rd.
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